Talent Strategy

Attraction, Retention & Diversity Strategy

At City Human Capital, we have worked with employers both as third-party staffing agency as well as a member of corporate talent acquisition teams. Some of our clients are the largest employers in North America with corporate D&I mandates, ongoing talent pipeline, sector specific niche talent engagement strategy, while others are start-ups looking to grow, where every hire could make or break the business.

We have the lived experiences, triumph and tribulation from both sides of the business, which allows us to provide you with insights and guidance on how to thrive and get the results in your talent acquisition journey. The success of a talent acquisition team is not just about hiring a number of top candidates, but their ability to continuously attract the best in the business.

Partner with us today to create a comprehensive and inclusive talent acquisition strategy and employer brand to attract and retain the best and diverse talent in your business.

Defining your Employee Value Proposition

Your vibe attracts your tribe

Every business is different and so are their requirements and budget for talent. Through close consultation we will extrapolate the key areas of “Why a candidate will work for your business” or your Employee Value Proposition¬†(EVP). Ones we have a well-defined EVP, we will provide advisory and coaching services to your talent team and hiring managers to help you execute a plan that will help you attract talent from specific profession, industry, geography and demography.

Here are the key areas we help you define and execute –

  • Candidate Communication (how hiring managers interact with candidates)
  • External Communication & Employer Branding¬†(including social media)
  • Recruitment Strategy (your unique talent sourcing strategy)
  • Candidate Screening Process (executing a neutral inclusive process)
  • Campus & Diversity Talent (creating partnerships where it matters)

Call us today for a free consultation and see if this is the right solution for your business.